The superlative sub-chassis turntable
Tradition transformed for the modern age

The sub-chassis is made of triCom, an aluminium/POM composite characterized by excellent damping properties and high stiffness. Its weight has been optimized for high performance. To reduce vibrations, the synchronous AC motor is mounted directly onto the damped sub-chassis. It drives the sub-platter via a machined precision belt.

The sub-chassis is suspended by means of three conical springs which can be adjusted from above in order to achieve uniform tension. The bearing is made of sintered bronze with a Teflon thrust pad and optimized for smooth running. The steel axle supported therein provides very low, constant friction and thus presents a uniform load to the motor. Two of the turntable’s three feet can be levelled from above, which facilitates setup.

Depending on the model, different damping architectures, tonearm boards and platters are used. The design can accommodate a wide variety of 9" and 10" tonearms also from third-party manufacturers.

THORENS TD 905 |  Zebrano
THORENS TD 905 | Anthrazit /Anthracite
THORENS TD 905 | Weiss - White
THORENS TD 905 | Tonarm/Tonearm
THORENS TD 905 | Höheneinstellung/Foot level setup
THORENS TD 905 | Rückseite/Back

Sepcial Features

Damping of the platter

The platter bearing is decoupled from the plinth by means of a visco/propylene layer.

  • Aluminium sub-platter
  • Frosted quartz glass outer platter
  • triCom tonearm board
Upgrade options

Upgrade to TD 907 specifications

  • Adjustable pneumatic damping system
  • Turntable feet with triCom and viscose foam insert, adjustable
  • 10 " triCom tonearm board
  • 10 " tonearms
  • Three-part aluminium/acrylic platter
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