THORENS Tonearm TP 19-1

Thorens Tonearm TP 19-1

The new tonearm for the TD 190-2 and TD 240-2

The new TP 19-1 tonearm is designed to deliver improved performance as well as a far better look and feel. It adds significant value to the TD 240 and TD 190-1, which are now available as TD 240-2 and TD 190-2.

Thorens TP 19-1 / TD 190-2
Thorens TP 19-1 / TD 240-2


Gimbal mounting: The entire assembly is mounted on a non-warping aluminium frame. This precision bearing technology rests in ball races by means of hardened and polished steel needles. The same technology can also be found in navigation instruments (gyro) employed in aerospace.

Counterweight: The counterweight includes a damper bush to decouple it from the arm tube to reduce colouration.

Headshell: The headshell is manufactured from high-grade synthetic materials reinforced by carbon fibre for extreme stiffness and rigidity.

Tracking force: After having achieved total equilibrium of the tone arm, tracking force is adjusted by means of a precision torsion spring. Its force is always the same with respect to magnitude and direction. It therefore does not matter if the record player is no totally level.

Anti-skating (bias): Bias is individually adjustable via a scale.

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