• Thorens 1600er Serie
  • Thorens TD 1600
  • Thorens TD 1601
  • PLUS X AWARD - Thorens honored as GERMAN TRADITIONAL BRAND 2019

Thorens® has reissued the range of OEM tonearms.

THORENS® Tonearms

Two entirely different bearing architectures are available at various arm lengths and connection aptions, both combined with the proven 8-fold cold-rolled and resonance-damped aluminium tube.

Thorens®TP 82

the innovative uni-pivot 9-incher

THORENS® Tonearm TP82

Thorens®TP 92

award winning gimbal-mounted top performance tonearm in 9-, 10- and 12 inch versions.

THORENS® Tonearm TP82


Thorens TP 92/12  Urkunde Goldenes Ohr 2017 | Stereoplay

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THORENS® Tonearms