With the new TD 124 DD, Thorens is reviving one of the most legendary turntables in the brand’s history. The original concept of the TD 124 has been massively improved upon, using modern approaches, and now offers an unparalleled playback quality.

Thorens TD 124 DD – Tradition Meets Innovation

The original TD 124 was introduced in 1957 and has been used for decades in countless broadcast studios around the world. Ambitious music lovers also quickly discovered the highly precise turntable for themselves; a dedicated fan base has remained loyal to the TD 124 to this day.

Thorens is now building on this tradition with the completely newly developed TD 124 DD and continues it with innovative technologies. The purist design and basic construction are based on the original, but the height-adjustable aluminum chassis now rests on vibration-damping rubber elements. Instead of the original drive with friction wheel and belt, the new TD 124 DD uses a "High Precision" Direct Drive. This provides powerful torque, allows precise speed control, and keeps unwanted vibrations from the drive away from the platter.

Thorens TD 124 DD – Build For The Best Sound

Also new is the tonearm TP 124. It can be precisely adjusted in all parameters to the cartridge of choice and features an innovative anti-skating solution with a ruby bearing and a patented electric tonearm lift to facilitate gentle placement and removal of the stylus.

In addition to the extensive adjustment options, the enclosed headshell provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to selecting a cartridge. The TD 124 DD also comes with an additional, slightly heavier counterweight that matches the Thorens SPU TD 124 pickup, which is available separately. This is an updated version of another legendary piece of vinyl equipment, the famous Ortofon SPU. Thorens has created the SPU 124 together with Ortofon for the discerning vinyl enthusiast looking for the extraordinary.

Thorens has payed attention to every detail when developing the new TD 124 DD to ensure that it meets the highest aspirations in sound performance. A high-quality external power supply unit ensures interference-free power delivery. In addition to the unbalanced outputs, balanced XLR connectors are also provided, which guarantee optimal signal transmission and thus the best possible sound when connecting the TD 124 DD to a high-end system with an appropriately equipped phono preamplifier.

The Thorens TD 124 DD will be available from September 2020 at a price of €7,990.
The Thorens SPU TD 124 (sold separately) will also be available from September 2020 at a price of €1,990.

TP 124 15.04.2019

The Thorens TAB1600 Absorber Base was specially developed for the improved installation of turntables. Made of a MDF base plate, which is additionally attenuated by a layer of fabric, it is combined with an acoustic foam in sandwich construction. This unique combination highly efficiently decouples the turntable from its underground, so preventing acoustic feedback. Contrary to the principle of coupling by spikes, which often can negatively influence the sound quality by vibrational coupling to the ground, we use the principle of decoupling in the TAB1600 to neutralize the negative impact of structure-borne sound from the turntable.

Dimensions: W x H x D 450x 45x 378 mm Weight: 2,45 kg

IMG 6338 1000PX RGB


A new direct drive from Thorens

With new TD 402 DD Thorens presents a direct drive turntable for the first time for more than 30 years. TD 402 DD comes with auto shut off function and with pre installed AT 95VM E cartridge by Audio Technica that makes it a best buy in the high quality middle class.

The styling recalls the famous Thorens TD series of the past but TD 402 DD is a completely new design that contains not only a very silent direct drive motor with switchable auto shut off but also new tone arm TP 72 with carbon tube and changeable headshell, a damped platter and an integrated phono stage for moving magnet cartridges that can be switched off when required. Even an optional auto start function is implemented that starts turning the platter once the tonearm is moved towards the record.

Fast ready to use

TD 402 DD comes ready to use. Only the platter has to be placed on the axis, the tone arm balanced and tracking force and anti skating adjusted. Putting in a belt is not necessary since there is none.
And later while playing the end of the record is reliably detected and the drive stops.


TD 402 DD comes with dust cover and a massive MDF plinth in piano black and high gloss walnut veneer on damping black rubber feet with silver rings. In combination with a top board of brushed aluminium this emphasizes the noble look of that turntable.

TD 402 DD in Thorens product range

Thorens TD 402 DD continues the range of best value for money record players that started with new belt driven TD 201 and TD 202 and rounds it up to the top. It delivers high quality at an affordable price and comes with newest generation of Audio Technica VM cartridges that allows several upgrade steps by simply replacing the stylus up to a Shibata one.

RRP: € 799,--

Available from October 2019

TD402 8

 TD402 7

Thorens as the oldest brand in audio opens a new chapter in history of high quality analogue reproduction with the presentation of the new tape machine TM 1600

This time not only records, which are called “vinyls” today, are experiencing a strong revival, also the for a long time seen dead magnetic tape technology with quarter inch tapes is rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

In connection with Duesseldorf based tape machine manufactory Ballfinger Thorens meets the rising demand for master tape copies with it’s brand new tape machine TM 1600. A lot of pre-recorded tapes are distributed e.g. by STS-Analog, Analogy Records, Zavalinka Records or Analogify from Berlin.

Tape Machine Thorens TM 1600

The new Thorens TM 1600 comes in a plinth very similar to that of new TD 1600 series record players in black high gloss or walnut high gloss. It’s designed as playback device for half track quarter inch tape.

Base for the new machine is the newly developed very compact tape drive from Ballfinger. Within its 50 mm height it gives a freedom of design that has not been seen before. Nevertheless it contains direct drive motors with tension controls for the reels. To keep the whole drive as compact as possible the tape path geometry was totally new designed. So the sensors are not located below the reels as normally but between them above the heads.

The tape machine is driven by three motors. The reel motors are electronically commuted disc motors that use rotor angle detection by hall sensor feedback. The capstan motor is an ironless bell-shaped rotor motor from a German manufacturer that runs a round belt.

Although very compact these motors supply an enormous torque with very small torque variation and are very silent running. Head and capstan motor could be placed far from each other to generate a very high signal to noise ratio. Additionally power supply is outsourced which reduces noise level even more and so extensive measures for magnetic shielding of the heads could be avoided.

Thorens TM 1600 handles reels up to 10.5” with 19 and 38 cm/s. CCIR equalization for most European recordings and NAB for Americas and Asia can be selected.

The tape machine comes with real time counter with hours/minutes/seconds/hundredth seconds and as common with professional studio machines there is an edit function with pre-listening for single hand operation.

Generally Thorens TM 1600 has been designed for horizontal operation. But it’s prepared for wall mounting, too.

Availability and Price of Thorens TM 1600

Thorens TM 1600 will be available from summer 2020. Plinth and dust cover are the same as on the new record players TD1600/1601.

The tape machine will be presented on German High End 2019 show in Munich. Later 100 pieces will be manufactured as special edition individually numbered. Price will be € 11.999,00 (RRP).
Manufacturing will take place in Duesseldorf, Germany in cooperation with Ballfinger and RecordingTheMasters, vendor of analogue tape located in Avranches, France.

With launch of TM 1600 in summer 2020 by Thorens a new long overdue chapter of analogue tape recording is written. For decades tapes were the only available medium for music production and recording that gave long playing times without need to change from side A to B. Later digital technology drove out the expensive and very complex tape machines from recording studios and private homes. But todays fantastic rebirth of vinyl and tape proves the world isn’t that simple and music cannot be reduced only to sounds – no matter how high the tonal quality is.

Pressefoto Thorens TM1600 25

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In 1965 in Sainte Croix, Switzerland the development of a new, affordable turntable called TD 150 was finished. This turntable later became the blueprint for a very successful generation of turntables.
Originally invented by AR but almost forgotten the suspended sub chassis became very popular with Thorens new TD 150 and its successors. It entered mass market and a lot of other vendors used it, too. The most famous one is still produced in Scotland.

Thorens transferred that principle to the following generations of its turntables beginning with still famous TD 125 in 1968 until the 90s of last century when production of TD 160 Mk V finished. Also, TD 126 and its extensions TD 127 and TD 226 and even the monumental Reference from 1980 and Prestige from 1983 were designed with that kind of suspension.

Even though Thorens started a new era of suspension design in the middle 80s the original TD 160 and its successors are still seen as the “classic” Thorens turntables.

The present

TD 1600 and TD 1601

Starting with the acquisition of the brand Thorens by Gunter Kürten and the resettlement to Germany in 2018 a recollection of the Thorens “DNA” began. This will be reflected in future products and so the product spectrum will change with respects to former virtues but also move to current technologies.

The first result of this will be presented on this years High End show in Munich: TD 1600 and TD 1601. The name almost reveals it, both should be seen as modern incarnation of TD 160. Both use suspension and damping by conical springs for effective decoupling from installation site. But also both are totally different inside.
They fill the gap between tradition that made the old turntables famous and 21. Century technology.

From outside immediately recognizable as quite near to TD 160 series, they come with wooden plinth, two-parts platter with belt running internally and thick rubber mat and acrylic dust cover.
But there are a lot of innovations inside: the conical springs are are not mounted on top board any longer but on the botton. So the sub chassis does not hang but stands on these springs. Additionally a small but strong tightened thread made of steel connects sub chassis with a steel pin on the bottom and so prevents sub chassis from staggering and allows only vertical movement.

Differences between TD 1600 and TD 1601

Both models share the same platform and the same height adjustable TP 92 tonearm, but TD 1601 adds some comfort features. TD 1600 is a totally manual turntable, while TD 1601 comes with an electrical lift, auto shut off at the end of the record with lifting the arm and real balanced output sockets (XLR).
Motor, Control unit and power supply are the same.

Both will be available in highgloss walnut and piano black.

TD 1600

TD 1600 Nussbaum25


TD 1601

TD 1601 Schwarz25

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