The new THORENS® TD 203 turntable

The new reference for the entry level.


THORENS® is making its new range of turntables available for the entry level. The TD 203 is a high-quality yet affordable out-of-the box solution: unpack the turntable, connect it up and experience the joy of vinyl records.

The TD 203 has the sound quality of the award-winning, highly acclaimed TD 309, TD 209 and TD 206 models written in its DNA. And, like its siblings, it was developed Germany. The motor is decoupled from the plinth by means of rubber elements, and the bearing is made from bronze – seemingly small details that ensure longevity and years of listening pleasure. The belt tension can be easily re-adjusted if required, the pick-up cartridge changed in a matter of minutes, and the platter speed fine-tuned by simply turning a screw.

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