Thorens 125th Anniversary LP

Perfect recording and flawless mastering

The 125th Anniversary LP isn’t the average audiophile release with all the concentration on the sound quality. This triple album set is full of top quality music and it sounds amazingly good.

The music was handpicked by Acoustic Sounds and Analogue productions CEO Chad Kassem and by the team at Reference Recordings. Every song meets the criteria of excellent performance, perfect recording and flawless mastering.

Eight of these selections were recorded in the gorgeous church-turned recording studio sanctuary of Blue Heaven Studios in Salina, Kansas, USA. These performances were captured live-to-two-track on half-inch analogue tape spinning at 30 inches per second, using vintage microphones.

The sound, as you'll soon discover, contributes perfectly to the celebration of the one of the absolute leading brands in analogue high fidelity.


Side 1: Female Vocal (total time: 22:20)

Side 2: Classical (total time: 17:23)

Side 3: Blues (total time: 20:42)

Side 4: Rhythm & Blues (total time: 21:07)

Side 5: Jazz (total time: 21:20)

Side 6: Jazz (total time: 14:59)

© 2008 by Analogue Productions, Thorens Export Company Ltd. Switzerland.
The LP can be acquired through authorized resellers and Thorens distributors.